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  1. Use Ultrasonic measurement
    Nothing dips into the oil and our devices work on various tank sizes.
    A Rocket shaped transmitter wirelessly sits on your oil tank
    powered by a long life battery (lasting up to 10 years).
  2. Are high quality FM wireless systems
    Transmitting distance of up to 200 metres away using
    tried and tested transmitter and receiver technologies
  3. Have a full 1 year warranty
    Complete with instruction manuals
Apollo Standard

Apollo Standard

"Early Warning indicator" and the more visible "Almost Out" indicator

Shows level of fuel in your tank as a bar display – ten graduations

No antenna wires protruding from ultrasonic sender

No probe – no powertube necessary

Apollo Visual

Apollo Visual

This latest version has all the features of the Standard Edition plus another visual gauge on top of the oil tank.

Not only is this extra confirmation of how much oil you have left, it can help prevent overspills by oil distributors as they fill your tank

Apollo Smart

Apollo Smart

The first heating oil energy monitor

See how much oil you have (in litres and "days to empty") as well as costs, consumption and emissions.

Like the visual, it has an indicator and warning light if you are running low but also transmits its information to the receiver in your home.

The home receiver carries out analysis on how much oil you have left and can display heating costs (in £ or €). As well as displaying in real time how many days supply you have left, it even comes with an internal air temperature reading and cold weather warning indicator.

Firmware upgradeable with Windows software due for release shortly allowing to download data direct to your PC